Friday, April 14, 2006

Stickage #96

Another week goes by, and other stick figure drama, and we are yet one more week closer to the historical Episode #100 of everyone's favourite crappy stick figure comic strip.

I've got to admit, this strip, as much as I think it worked for what I needed to do, was kind of a mess. I had to change the title, because an intended "Apocolypse Now" reference didn't actually make it into the dialogue. I also had to scrap an "extreme" joke of some kind. PLUS "Weird Bob" is supposed to look like he's crouched over, talking to Petey the imaginary karaoke-singing badger, but you can't really tell that because the word balloons are on top of his legs.

Plus, Weird Bob's dialogue is incredibly hard to read in this, because it doesn't have anything to do with what myself or the paramedic are talking about. He's just kind of off to the side.

But what he's saying is VITAL.

However, even given all that, I think I have finally figured exactly how this phase of the compuzilla storyline will be coming to a close (and coming to a close in only three short weeks). I've had a vague idea for a few months now, how it was going to end, but I think I've reached the point where I know exactly what the next 12 panels of the strip are going to be.

A part of me is even considering burning through the next three strips, just to make sure I don't forget anything. They won't see print until it's time for them to see print, so if I get better ideas there'd still be time to fix them. But better to get the idea I have down right now, for fear of losing it.

Plus, I seem to have been on an absolutely ridiculous creative bender lately.

(PS: Speaking earlier of Weird Bob's conversation with Petey...a special prize to anyone who can figure out any of what Petey is trying to say, before the reveal next week)

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