Saturday, April 08, 2006

Random 10

Would you believe I just about forgot that it was Friday? Would you believe I just about missed a Friday Random 10? Well, yeah, of course you’d believe that, because I’ve done it a whole lot of times in the past. But not tonight. Not tonight.

  1. Alabama 3 – Terra Firma Cowboy Blues – Yeah, more A3 to open the Random 10. I reckon I’ll get tired of this stuff eventually (and I’m already playing them a little less frequently at work this last week) but until then, I plan to gorge myself. Probably my favourite song from the recently acquired fifth album “Outlaw.”

  2. Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds – A fantastically raging anthem for anyone with a burning desire to say, “Fuck off!” to the powers that be. A surprising theme from someone who usually writes about for smaller and far more personal agonies.

  3. Norah Jones – Ruler of My Heart – Wow, I haven’t heard her stuff in awhile. I was binging on it for the longest time, and then *bang* nothing. Nice to have it just kind of appear out of the blue…

  4. Alabama 3 – Woke Up This Morning (Acoustic) – It’s shaping up to be a hella cool Random 3, with a random A3 song popping up in the playlist. This is the song, thanks to its use as the theme song to the Sopranos, that introduced me to their stuff (though it wasn’t this acoustic version).

  5. Adolescents – Amoeba – This sounds weirdly, vaguely familiar, but I am completely incapable of placing it. Kind of punk-ish. No idea why I have this on my hard drive.

  6. Nirvana – Lithium (Solo Acoustic, 1990) – From, I think, a 3-CD collection of rarities. It’s kind of rough around the edges, sounding a bit like an early demo of the song. What’s interesting to me is that I recognize this as one of the Nirvana songs I’m quite fond of, but I’d have never known it from the title. Nirvana stuff I know only to hear.

  7. Liz Phair – Johnny Sunshine – I can’ even remember what inspired me to download her stuff, but I recall having downloaded it, like some of it, quite a bit. Though this song doesn’t ring a bell.

  8. Radiohead – No Surprises – A live version (and one that sounds more acoustic than normal) of a really freaking phenomenal song. Can’t recall right now if the original is off of “OK Computer” or “The Bends” but I’m currently leaning towards “The Bends.” Because, you know, that’s hugely important information.

  9. Enigma – Waiting for the Hurricane – Not sure why, but I was thinking about Enigma’s stuff in the last few days. Maybe become some of their genre-blending reminded me a little of Alabama 3. Though I was thinking of something more from their first album than this which is from album number god only knows.

  10. They Might Be Giants – Nightgown of the Sullen Moon – Ah, one of those great TMBG songs that seems to, at least for me, defy interpretation. Does it somehow minimize my enjoyment of it? Not at all. It enhances it…

  11. Oingo Boingo – Capitalism – The original, and not the live version that I first heard. Musically it’s easily dated as originating in the 80s, but still a great song, and a great satirical stab at the greed of the decade that birthed the song. “There’s nothing wrong with capitalism, there’s nothing wrong with free enterprise, don’t try to make me feel guilty, I’m so tired of hearing you cry…”

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