Monday, April 17, 2006

Bits and pieces

I was doing some reading on Kurt Vonnegut for a bit yesterday after finishing "Slaughterhouse Five" (and a bit again today) and found a fairly well put together unofficial site at VonnegutWeb.

There, I learned that Vonnegut had attempted suicide in 1985, with a combination of alcohol and sleeping pills. This I did not know.

I also learned that following the release of "Bluebeard" (which is the novel I dove into immediately after "Slaughterhouse Five" as it is the only other Vonnegut novel I have that haven't read yet) many major magazines and newspapers refused to review it. What I didn't learn was why. And after fifteen minutes of Google searching for answers, I still have no idea why they'd refuse to review it.

A refusal to review a book seems to be an attempt to make a significant statement, of some kind, about something.

Can't imagine what it was though.

In completely unrelated news, I found myself mucking about in Flickr yesterday, having all but forgotten that I had created an account and even set up some software that added a Flickr upload option to my context-sensitive right-mouse-button popout. So I made a Flickr page, and even uploaded some photos. Nothing interesting to speak of, just testing the interface out.

It's entirely possible this might inspire me to recharge the batteries in my crappy digital camera.

It's also entirely possible that I'll just forget about this Flickr account again. Even though I *did* take the time to link it somewhere near the bottom of the right-hand column (near my email address, if you want to go looking for it.

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