Sunday, April 02, 2006

Random 10

It’s Saturday (and likely, technically, Sunday by the time I post this). An unexpected visit last night just as I was about to do the random 10 led to consuming beer until it was time for bed, thus forcing the postponement.

0. Alabama 3 – Converted (Remix) – I still can’t get enough of this stuff (though I’m beginning to wonder whether or not my co-workers are getting tired of hearing it). As much I listen to it, though, I can’t figure out whether their gospel-esque messages are sincere – such as the call to “go back to church” in this song (“Now this church I’m talking about, there don’t have to be a minister present; there doesn’t have to be any taking of any kind of communion; all you gotta do is be there, with the music playing, among all those people you love, dancing, and singing, right there in church…”). It’s certainly a message that rings true to me. On the other hand, they’ve also made references to the First Presleytarian Church of Elvis the Divine, so maybe there needs to be a grain of salt or two in the taking of their messages. And maybe it don’t much matter one way or the other.

1. Rick Nelson – Lonesome Town – Looking at where this has appeared in my playlist, this seems to be from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. Soundtrack albums like this can be a great way to diversify your MP3 collection. If you’re interested in diversity.

2. Depeche Mode – I Am You – From one of those handful of downloaded but never listened to DM albums. Which is among my collection of downloaded but never listened to albums in general. Will I ever learn?

3. John Philip Sousa – Track 8 – Not sure what song this is, but it’s from a CD of John Philip Sousa’s greatest hits – and yes, he does, apparently have greatest hits. Was looking for marches to use in “Welcome to the Monkey House.” This one wasn’t used, obviously, otherwise I’d probably remember what it was. What *was* used was “The Stars and Strips Forever,” just in case anyone was desperately curious.

4. Classical – De Beers Diamond Music – Not technically classical music, in spite of the artist listing. This track was used in the first play I directed – “Some Things You Need To Know Before The World Ends: A Final Evening With The Illuminati” during the prelude to the sermon scene. It’s one of my favourite music cues from that play (that, and the use of the Lacrimosa from Mozart’s Requiem during Reverend Eddie’s final showdown with death on the basketball court).

5. Erasure – In My Arms – Not sure where this is from, exactly. But it’s not familiar to me. Not a good random 10 thus far – one song from a play, one song not from a lay, and three songs I’m not really familiar with. Five songs to go. Let’s hope for some improvement.

6. Phil Collins – I Don’t Care Anymore – Ah, this one I know, and as much as I’ve lost some of my liking for Phil Collins over the years, I’ve still got a soft spot for this tune. Though maybe that’s just because I have a liking for anthems to ennui.

7. Level 42 – The Sun Goes Down – And from about the same early-80s era comes this song. This sort of falls between the cracks of my fondness for Level 42 – not entirely unlistenable, but still kind of pre-dating their really good stuff.

8. They Might Be Giants – Don’t Let’s Start – Though you can’t go wrong with TMBG from any era.

9. Track 6 – Curses to people who don’t properly fill out MP3 tags. It’s apparently the sixth track from Sheryl Crow’s “The Globe Sessions.” Let me just look that up. Okay, it’s apparently “Am I Getting Through (Part 1 and 2). Which I’m not familiar with. Either one, actually.

10. Cake – You Part the Waters – And so we end with another song I’ve never really heard, in spite of being a big Cake fan (speaking of them, I’m still looking for the perfect play to use their cover of “I Will Survive” in, because I just absolutely adore that song).

Cheerio. Let’s do this again next week, about the same time. What do you say?

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