Friday, April 14, 2006

Small and insignificant "Dinner and Drinks" update

I chatted briefly with one of the executive members tonight about the play. His take?

It was a good read, but he didn't think it would work on stage.

Interestingly, his concern was, of course, with the content, but not about the audience's reaction -- rather with finding actors and actresses willing to deliver the lines. Which is actually something that hadn't considered me.

Scene One is mostly free of vulgarities, but is the bleakest and most depressing of the scenes.

Scene Two has a smattering of vulgarities, for both the male and female roles, but nothing too, too heavy (well, not for me at least, but I work at a newspaper where f-bombs are exploding constantly).

Scene Three has more vulgarities than I could possibly count, but interestingly they almost exclusively belong to the female. The male gets away with acting mostly uncomfortable and embarassed.

Unfortunately, the two from the first scene don't get off that easy. They may not have vulgarities, but they *do* have a ridiculously over-the-top makeout scene at the end of Scene Four (which is a sort of epilogue that wraps up their story, and manages to end a depressing play about dysfunctional relationships on a relatively positive note).

Still no official word as of this point. Just felt like sharing that new perspective.

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