Friday, September 03, 2004

Stickage #12 -- In under the wire!

It's 11:30 -- cutting it pretty close, but I still pulled off getting the next SFD posted today. Two more to go -- Saturday and Sunday, if all goes according to plan.

Oh, and for those interested in really stupid trivia about this less-than-stellar cartoon -- this week marks two firsts. It was the first that I actively tried to copy a sketch of my stick-figure character (who is, in fact, meant to be me, in case there was any doubt) that I drew on a chalk board that looked completely fantastic. I studied it for close to three days before drawing this strip and have, in the weeks since, been trying to emulate the approach I took in drawing both this week's piece, as well as the chalk board sketch. Unfortunately the chalk board sketch has since been erased and I have no photographic evidence of it's beauty. This week also marked the first time I decided my people would look less stupid if I penciled in the gaping holes in their mouths.

I'm now completely convinced that sometime between my Sunday posting of #14, and next week's eventual posting of #15, I'll put direct links to the whole archive over in the right-hand side navi-area (which I incorrectly referenced on the left hand side in an earlier post because I'm a big dummy)

Met an old friend for coffee tonight, another bitter struggling writer type. Well, maybe not bitter -- I might just be projecting my own feelings on him by saying that. Either way, he doesn't live around these parts anymore and gave me a call while he was here for the weekend. We're supposed to be coffeeing again before he leaves, probably tomorrow.

I came away from the chat feeling kind of energized about writing, which I'm kind of thrilled about, except I think it's too late to actually do any at this point. I feel like I may have tracked down the right approach for a stale and stagnating short story I started a couple of years ago that's dying to be completed. If it's not the right approach, I'll probably know in a couple of pages, and can quickly stop before I waste too much time on it, but it's definitely worth a try.

It's Friday night and I have no liquor. Which is probably good because I work tomorrow. But still... liquor...

Seems wrong somehow.


Anonymous said...

Alrighty! I gotta tell ya, that this most recent stick figure made me actually laugh out loud! No really! In my office even. Well, not that there's actually anyone else here at the end of a really long hall at 5 minutes before shut down on a Friday afternoon. But, thank you. It's great!

Todd said...

It is a relief to know that people are, on occasion, laughing at this stuff. More often than not, these are not created to be "funny" in any traditional sense, and I often wonder if maybe I'm the only one who's entertained by them (which, hey, is pretty much okay with me). The print version of them have only ever elicited two comments, so a part of me is thinking that the community of 100 Mile House is hoping that if they just ignore it long enough that it'll eventually go away.

Still, it's nice to know that Stick Figure Drama has touched someone's life, in even just a small way.