Sunday, July 18, 2004

Storytime (Forward)

Well, I just finished the necessary rewrites on the film script, and it's only 9:30-ish and I've still got a hankerin' to write. Soooo...
...guess I'll finish up Storytime. No time like the present, after all.
Just a quick foreward before I get into the guts of it. Don't expect much. It doesn't have what you would call a "satisfying ending" -- it leans far more towards the anticlimactic. I don't get the girl. I don't live happily ever after. I just kind of go on about my business, not really profoundly changed in any way.
So if that's what you were looking for...well, I guess I'd recommend you not even bother, given that you now know how the story ends.
If you still want to scroll through this mess...feel free. I'm writing it down anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Todd, dear heart, I strongly recommend you sell a few things, buy a ticket, and get out of the country for an adventure in another culture, another country. I'd suggest the South Pacific: Samoa or Micronesia are great places of indolence, self-indulgence, lethargy, and vivid people and scenery.
I think, more than anything, you are suffering from Canadianitis; a condition of cultural tunnelvision and angst that isn't even remotely healthy.
Get out for a while. You'll have fun whether you want to, or not!
S. O'Sullivan