Sunday, July 18, 2004


Just enjoying a post-work, alcoholic-beverage before heading home.
Drew next week's Stick Figure Drama today -- a continuation of the Stick Figure Action theme from last week (a continuation which should last for another two to three weeks, depending on how quickly I become bored of it).
That's stick figure drama #8 -- two months I've been doing this ridiculous thing. Hooray!
It'll be posted sometime next week, after Wednesday.
In other news, I took the digital video camera we'll be using to shoot the movie out for a test run last night, and I'm quite happy with hit's performance. It sits in your hand kind of funny -- it has a very different design from most video cameras -- but it's comfortable. The footage is clean, and is pulled off the camera through the firewire port flawlessly; not a single dropped frame. Wooooooooooonderful.
I tried farting around with the video in After Effects, testing out some of the tricks I had read about online to get stuff shot on video to look more like film, but...I don't know...I think I need to know more about AE, because it always seems to do weird things to my video. I used AE to reverse the video clips that I used for "Illuminati" and while it handled the reverse just fine, when it was rerendered back out to an AVI, the video was either kind of squished, or kind of choppy. Don't have the foggiest idea what setting I had wrong.
Same goes for the fiddling I did last night. Something screwy happened to the footage, but I don't have any idea what it was, or what caused it.
I need to learn a bit more about digital video, quite clearly.
Not that I mind. I like learning, if it's learning something that's actually of interest to me. Like digital video is.

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