Monday, July 19, 2004

Ouch. Drunken blogging

Well, between the heat and the red wine, I think I lost my brain sometime between 9:30 and 10:00 last night -- not normally such a bad thing, except that I was right in the middle of a lengthy blog post at the time.
That's a little frightening.
I haven't gone back to look at what I may have written, and I don't actually intend to. I think, for better or worse, I'd probably rather not know.
I remember most of the first two posts -- the forward, and Part II of storytime -- but most of the Afterword is just a haze.
For better or worse, I also intend to keep the post there. I'm not big on self-censorship, even I'd only be censoring what could be considered no more than just drunken ramblings. I wrote it, I posted it, so posted it stays.
Just let it be known that, you know, I was actually quite tipsy at the time. So don't hold anything I may have said against me. Okay?
Cool, thanks.

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