Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stick Figure Surprise

A few weeks later, but as promised, the Stick Figure Drama season four web gallery is live, current as of the edition of the Cariboo Advisor that hits the streets tomorrow. Because season four includes the crossover event with SAFEHOUSE -- another regular strip that appears in the Cariboo Advisor -- I will be including SAFEHOUSE strips in the web gallery, for as long as the crossover lasts. Which means twice the comic strip action! Or, I guess, 1.5 times, because SAFEHOUSE only runs every two weeks.

The links is on the right, under STICKAGE, but for those too lazy to scroll, you can just click here.

While I'm on the topic of the crossover, let me just say a few things about this whole idea, which was essentialy my brain child, and which, I was sure, would turn out to be a miserable failure. For no other reason than the fact that, for the most part, I don't play well with others.

Let's not mince words. When it comes to the creative world, I'm a power-hungry psychopath. I have a vision, and I will fight to bring that vision to life, and anyone that gets in my way is just going to end up road kill.

So, of course, teaming up creatively with someone else is just a really, really stupid idea. It's been a stupid idea when I've tried it in the past, so surely it's going to be a stupid idea this time around.

Except...it hasn't been like that.

Thus far, Jazmyn's been a dream to work with. Ever idea I've had has been something she's been willing to work with, and every idea she's had, instead of something I need to fight against, has actually proven to either be an idea that improves one of my own, or is flat-out better than one I already had. The ideas I had going into this have been, and continue to be, shaped and modified and ultimately improved by her involvement, which I must say is as big a delight as it is a surprise.

Which isn't to say that I've rethought my stance on playing with others. I still think I don't do a very good job at it. But, at the very least, it's interesting to learn that I'm not necessarily going to stab someone in the throat just because they've stepped into my sandbox.


Anonymous said...

Well it does help that i am a Badger loving psychopath...however the whole stabbing in the throat thing? Yuh think maybe you could have warned me about that part BEFORE I jumped up and down like a schoolgirl at the thought of a crossover? You know, just a thought. (insert stupid happy smiley emote thing here)

Todd said...

The important thing is that you *didn't* get stabbed in the throat. So I don't see what yer complaining about.

Anonymous said...


Todd said...

Just behave yourself, and everthing will be just fine.

I promise.