Friday, March 09, 2007

New! Improved!

Those with a keen eye may notice a slight face lift of the layout here, a result of my finally converting my old blog template to the newer, spifier, and much more user friendly version. In the former version of blogger, all sorts of the page elements on the sidebar had to be hand-added with HTML to the page code (thankfully, I have some, albeit rusty, HTML skillz) -- with the new blogger templates, those sort of elements can be added through a spiffy new editing interface. Some of it still requires a degree of HTML knowledge, but instead of dropping it right into the template code, you can make each element an individual, uh, element. Which you can then drag around in your template, to decide where and how you want it to appear.

For the most part, at the moment, everything still looks about the same (though the appearance of the previous posts archive is a little bit modified), but if I ever decide to do a great big redesign here, it'll be a whole heck easier to do now.

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