Monday, March 12, 2007

Fuhcking Mondays.

I drove into work this morning earlier than usual because I couldn't sleep last night and I'd been tossing and turning since about 6:00 a.m. anyway. On the ride in, I noticed that the rear end of the car was making a bit more noise than is usual, and a bit more than I was comfortable with. Decided to give it a quick look when I stopped at the Mohawk for a Beaver Buzz and bottle of water.

The noise, it seems, was the result of a flat tire. Which I fucking drove all the way into town on. Now the rim's fucked too, I'm sure.

It was too early in the day, and I was too tired and cranky to deal with it. I left the car at the Mohawk and walked to work.

The damn thing will probably end up towed by the time I get back to it to swap the flat for the spare. Because that's just the way my day's going.

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