Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What I believe.

I believe in God.

I believe we were put here for a reason, and that the reason is not beyond our grasp. I believe that if we try hard enough, we can uncover what that reason is, and I believe that Kurt Vonnegut’s son was likely very close to the truth when he said, “We are here to help each other get through this thing, whatever it is.”

I believe in socialized health care and I believe that our justice system should focus on rehabilitation over revenge. I believe that there is nothing purer in the world than the arts, nothing purer than the notion of trying to communicate an idea to an audience. I believe that communication is something that we, as entire species, need to work on. I believe that speaking the truth, however painful, is an ultimately positive thing. As a wise man once said, the truth shall set you free.

I believe in love. I believe there is no larger gesture of trust than handing your heart to someone and saying, “Do with it what you will.” I believe that pain and heartache are legitimate parts of the human experience. I believe that we are here to feel something and, ultimately, to fell as much as possible. I believe that those who are content with hamburger helper and wheel of fortune and anal sex are missing something, something vibrant and vital to their existences. And I believe that, on some level, they know they’re missing out. But they just don’t have the strength to care.

I believe that happiness only truly exists in contrast with sorrow. I believe that you can not experience the dizzying highs without already being familiar with the lows. I believe that if there is any point to why we’re here, it has something to do with feeling something, and that feeling doesn’t necessarily have to be good. There is a whole fuck of a lot of learning that can come from the bad feelings too.

I believe that if there is any universal truth to be discovered, that it will only come as a result of an awkward and uncomfortable marriage of science and religion. I believe that science has to throw out their annoying insistence that if it can not be measure our put in a Petri dish, that it doesn’t exist. And I believe that religion has to start looking at their philosophies with a mindset that says, if it doesn’t make sense anymore, we throw it out.

I believe that God wants us to be happy. I believe that God wants us to uncover the ultimate truth. And I believe that God is very aware that it might require throwing away some of the things that those who are supposedly closest to him hold dear.

I believe that I am madly in love, and I believe that is probably not the wisest thing I could be right now.

I believe that feelings are inescapable. I believe that we are slaves to our hearts, and more important, that we should be slaves to our hearts. I believe that if you are ever struggling between logic and emotion, then you should kick logic in the fucking nuts and follow your heart. I believe that the phrase, “Follow your heart,” exists for very goddamn good reasons.

I believe that your brain exists to crunch numbers, and remember whether or not you have a moral issue with veal. But I believe your heart exists to make that moral decision in the first place, and to decide the significance of the numbers your brain just crunched. I believe it should be a sin to get too wrapped up in the details without noticing the bigger picture. I believe that the bigger picture is not always available to us, but it should be, and wouldn’t things be so much easier if it was?

I believe that, as a general rule, mankind is headed to hell in a handbasket. But I also believe that we are not beyond redemption.

I believe in redemption. More than anything else, I believe in redemption.

I believe that if we don’t make the effort to embrace the things that hurt us, that we will never truly appreciate the things that make us joy. I believe in contrasts. I believe in black and white, and the oceans of grey in between.

I believe that I will never find someone to love who will also love me back.

And I don’t believe that bothers me.


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