Saturday, February 25, 2006

Random 10 on a Friday Part 4

Okay, it’s late. Yes, it’s technically past midnight. But I’m gonna play the “It’s not tomorrow until I’ve slept and woken up” and call this yet another Random 10 on Friday. I mean, c’mon, I’ve been busy. A play to direct, a play to write (don’t ask), work, some crappy excuse for a social life. I just finished working on the Monkey House posters with Brad Hammerstron tonight, which kept me busy until just about midnight as it was (check out for a poster preview, by the way)

  1. Oingo Boingo – Pain (Remix) – You know, maybe I should actually listen to some of those songs that I download and never listen to. This was one of them – a song that sat on my hard drive for months, years, before I ever heard it. And, upon hearing it, I like it a hell of a lot. Classic goofy but dark Oingo Boingo.

  2. Amanda Marshall – Birmingham – I have vague memories of this song from the mid 90s, like it got some radio play, and like I thought maybe it wasn’t bad. And I have vague memories of getting her CD for my birthday and thinking, “Um, thanks, but why?” Oh, vague memories, how sweet you are…

  3. Shania Twain – You Win My Love – Um, yes, I have Shania Twain on my hard drive. Uh, no, I can’t really tell you why. Except that it’s not for this song.

  4. Mike Oldfield – Russian – From the 2003 remake of Tubular Bells called “Tubular Bells 2003.” Part of the problem with breaking Tubular Bells into individual tracks is that there are so many changes in tone and tempo and everything else that you can end up with tiny little songs. Like this one.

  5. Depeche Mode – I Feel You (Renegade Soundwave Afghan Surgery Mix) – As a general rule, I’m actually fond of most remixes, if it’s a song I already like. It’s sort of like adding a slightly different, though not necessarily bad, flavour to a dish you’re already quite fond of. Remixes that decide to toss the lyrics out the window to make room for a lot of repetitive drums beats and bass rhythms…those I don’t care for quite as much. Which is too bad, in this case, because the original song is quite good.

  6. Nine Inch Nails – Ripe (With Decay) – It’s awkward for me to admit this, but I have traditionally turned off “The Fragile” before getting to this final song. Embarrassing, in part, because I’m kind of a dork when it comes to following albums through to the end, on the whole. And also because it’s a pretty good song, in a freaky, messed up way.

  7. U2 – Where the Streets Have No Name – Ah, a U2 song from an era when I still listened to them. And from when they still seemed somehow musically relevant. Oh, those were the days.

  8. 9 – I have no idea who this is. The MP3 info only lists it as track number nine. But it sounds an awful lot like Julee Cruise, and because I’m sure it’s not off her “Floating into the Night” album, there’s the possibility that it’s track number 9 on “The Voice of Love” which would mean it’s called “In My Other World.” But don’t quote me on that.

  9. Radiohead – You Never Wash Up After Yourself – You know, I love Radiohead, but everytime I hear them, I think about how they were constantly referred to as the post-U2 “Best Band In The World” – a title which now, apparently, belongs to Coldplay – and I just find myself wondering, why the bloody fuck do we need to have a best band in the world?

  10. Britney Spears – Sometimes – Okay, let’s not even talk about what the fuck this is doing on my hard drive.

  11. 4 Non Blondes – What’s Up – Funny song to end on this week, as it’s a song that my brain has been dying to hear for awhile now, but I’ve refused to play it. Guess fate decided to step in and appease my brain.

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