Friday, February 17, 2006

Random 10 On Friday Part 3

Yes, it’s true, the sad excuse for a social life that I had cobbled together has fallen apart. What this means, though, is yet another Friday Random 10 that actually occurs on a Friday.

  1. A3 – Too Sick To Pray – I really haven’t been able to get enough of Alabama 3 since I first snagged two of their albums a few weeks back. “Too Sick To Pray” does a fantastic job hitting notes of hope and redemption that ring so profoundly within me. “Just because I burned my bible, baby, it don’t mean I’m too sick to pray.”

  2. Nine Inch Nails – Reptile – Is it just me, or has NIN stuff been showing up in my random playlists a lot lately? I must be in a cranky, raging kind of mood, or something, and the fates must know it.

  3. Sinead O’Connor & The Pogues – Haunted – I downloaded some insane 10-CD set of Sinead O’Connor stuff, and listened to maybe two or three songs. They’re still on my hard drive, and I’m sure they’re quite good – she really does have a phenomenal voice – but I’m not sure if I’ll ever hear them. The more I think about the amount of music I have on my hard drive that I’ll never hear, the weirder the notion of it becomes.

  4. Charles Manson – Eyes of Dreamer – You know, he wasn’t a bad musician. Maybe if he had been encouraged a bit more, he wouldn’t have…nah.

  5. Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough – I remain a bit of a Depeche Mode fan to this day, but this song has never done much for me.

  6. Sinead O’Connor – Easter Rebellion – More Sinead that I don’t know. This is a weird Random 10 this week, at least it is so far.

  7. Evanescence – Demise – An Evanescence rarity, and one that doesn’t sound overly familiar, for, very likely, the obvious reasons. Download the rarity, never listen to it. When the heck are they going to put out a new studio album?

  8. U2 – Numb (New Mix) – This is off the last U2 album I ever bought (Zooropa, if memory serves me correctly). Also the last U2 album I ever actually sat down and listened to. For the most part the album didn’t do much for me, but there were a few good songs. This one included.

  9. Alannah Myles – Make Me Happy – This album (Rockinghorse) is something I could probably file under the heading of “guilty pleasure”. Myles’ career seemed to just sort of sink out of the limelight after this album, but there are some great songs on here.

  10. Jesper Kyd – Japanese Mansion – Music from the “Hitman” series of videogames. For the most part, Kyd’s stuff is moody but ambient, but still a blast to listen to. Heavy on the percussion for the most part, and it just leaves you feeling you should have a silenced pistol in your hand, and an enemy in your sights. Which is why, I guess, it’s music from a game about being a Hitman.

  11. Kidney Thieves – Layers – And speaking of video game music…Kidney Thieves tunes were used in “Deus Ex: Invisible War” in the bars that contained the NG Resonance AI Simulations. I fell in love with the music – this song in particular – and spent about a half hour one night tracking down the artist. It’s funny the things we integrate into our lives from the strangest sources.

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