Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Too Sick to Pray

Don't call the doctor, I'm gonna get better
Don't run for the priest, I'm gonna find some faith
Just because I burned my bible baby
It don't mean, I'm too sick to pray

- Alabama 3
Too Sick to Pray

A nice little quote pulled from the newly discovered (at least for me) band Alabama 3 (also known as A3 in North America, following a lawsuit from the country band named, yup, Alabama).

The chorus of this song – appropriately titled “Too Sick to Pray” – his been stuck in my head most of the day, I think, because it seems to just about match the kind of “cautiously optimistic” feeling that seems to pervade just about every corner of my life lately. It paints a lovely picture of a man who, in spite of having hit bottom, isn’t quite ready to give up hope yet.

And I really can’t think of anything lovelier than that. But then, I sometimes think I’m kind of weird that way.

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