Sunday, January 22, 2006

A day late and a dollar...yeah, I know, we've been through this crap already

Oh, let’s just get this stupid ball rolling.

  1. Mike Oldfield – Platinum – I think I’ve used this as my zero song before, and probably within the last few weeks. Can’t really explain it, except to say that I’ve been on a Mike Oldfield kick for, well, like, a few weeks now. It really does seem like I can’t get enough of his stuff. It kind of sucks that he’s seems to be slowing down his album publishing routine. *cries*

  2. Van Morrison – Till We Get The Healing Done – I went through a Van Morrison binge-downloading period about the same time that someone on Usenet went through a Van Morrison posting binge, so I’ve got plenty of songs that I’ve never heard before. Like this one.

  3. Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) – What is it with overrated Pink Floyd stuff coming up in my random playlists? First “Comfortably Numb” and now this one. It’s a fine song, but far, far too passionately loved out of context. And I always preferred Part 1 and Part 3 of the “Another Brick in the Wall” series over this one. Curse you, random playlist generator!

  4. Alanis Morissette – Right Through You – Um…please, God, give me a song on which I have something valid and meaningful to say. Please?

  5. Mike Oldfield – Crises – Apparently my Oldfield binging continues into my Random 10. Which is kind of cool, actually.

  6. Booker T & The MG’s – Time is Tight – From the “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” soundtrack. Damn, that was a good movie. And a damn fine novel as well. Cheers to you, Dr. Thompson. May you rest easy, and may the Chivas flow like a river.

  7. Chris Isaak – Dancin’ – You know, I’ve never heard this before this moment, but I think I’m pretty much a Chris Isaak fan, regardless of what’s coming from him. He’s got a great kind of country / blues sensibility that makes me feel just a little run down. Which music should do from time to time.

  8. Twin Peaks – The Nightingale – Julie Cruise sang this beautiful song on the Twin Peaks soundtrack. And if memory serves me correctly, David Lynch wrote the lyrics. Has there been a finer show on television since the demise of this one? I think not. “That’s damn good coffee! And hot!”

  9. Depeche Mode – Little 15 – Definitely one of my favourite DM songs, and probably one of my favourite songs of all time. II can’t tell you how good this song makes this Random 10 feel.

  10. Radiohead – Wonderwall (Acoustic Version) – This recording kind of bites, so let’s just move along to the last song of the night.

  11. The Beatles – Come Together – Hippy-esque. I’m tired.


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