Thursday, December 01, 2005

Silly new toys.

So, in spite of the fact that I only just bought a new keyboard just about exactly a year ago, I just bought another new one. And I'd be lying if I tried to say that it wasn't, in part, because it was black and now better matches the rest of my computer set up (spiffy black mouse, spiffy black computer case).

I'm so far a little torn on the quality of the keyboard. The space bar seems a little troublesome to get down all the way, but that may improve as it gets worked in a little bit. The wrist rest is actually quite comfortable -- kind of a faux leather feel, slightly soft, slightly squishy. The forward and back buttons don't seem to work properly with Winamp, but maybe there'll be a patch for that sort of issue sometime in the future. And the little zoom switch thingy is actualy kind of cool -- something I'll probably get quite used to using in time, unlike the sideways scrolling on the new Microsoft mice.

The biggest downside is that the keys seem to be very, very quiet, which does make for a more relaxing atmosphere of work, is kind of a disappointment. I love big, heavy, noisy, clicky-clacks coming from my keyboard.

In spite of that, it *is* a comfortable keyboard, which is ultimately the most important thing. And it *is* spiffy and black, which is kind of the second most important thing, however ridiculously dorky that might be.

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