Thursday, December 29, 2005

Crap, crap, crap

So, it’s technically Friday, because it’s past midnight, and I’m up, with a burning desire to write, so the Random 10 is coming at you right now, in the third blog post of the evening. Because something is wrong with me.

There is no song #0 tonight, because I already had my entire playlist on shuffle, so I’m starting with the first song that plays after 12:00.

I’m also in a slightly more introspective mood than usual, so look for some commentary on how these songs reflect on my current state of mind, and less frivolous crap from me.

The road to hell is paved with frivolity. And cobblestones. And maple syrup.

  1. Eagles – New Kid In Town – A live version. I’m a halfways fan of the Eagles – some of their stuff is fantastic, some is just kind of average. This is, I think, among the average, and so it sadly inspires no introspection.

  2. Sinead O’Connor – I Want to be Loved By You – It’s funny. I don’t directly recognize the song, but it certainly *sounds* like an oldie, and even though it’s a modern take, it’s orchestrated like an oldie. As much as her political views kind of sent some people running in the 90s, you can’t deny that O’Connor has a helluva voice. And there is probably few feelings as universal as the desire for someone else – someone specific – to love us.

  3. Erasure – Sometimes (Mix) – I actually used to enjoy these kind of dance-y remixes, but now they’re just kind of annoying. And it’s not that I was more prone to dance when I was younger. I was never prone to dancing. I’m tempted to quote something from the song, to aid in my introspectiveness, but this particular remix has almost no lyrics, so the quotate is lacking. As is the introspectionage. Woah, and then this thing just completely segues into a different song, with more lyrics than the song actually included in the title. My brain hurts.

  4. They Might Be Giants – Mammal – Ow, a crappy, low quality, live version. Still, you can’t go wrong with lyrics like, “Mammal, mammal, their names are called, they raise a paw…” Yeah, okay, so TMBG is kind of an acquired taste.

  5. Jan Wayne meets Lena – Total Eclipse of My Heart – After speaking of my general distaste for annoying dance music (barring, of course, “Man, It’s So Loud in Here” by TMBG, which is a satire of annoying dance music) here comes this. An annoying dance version of a legitimately beautiful song. “Every now and then I get a little bit nervous that the best of all the years have gone by.” – Probably one of the saddest and most true sentiments contained in modern music.

  6. Evanescence – Taking Over Me – This sounds like it’s from one of the bootleg albums I downloaded of their earlier songs and demo tracks. Along with Sinead, you can’t deny that Amy Lee has an amazingly powerful voice. Lyrically some of their material seems a little overly simplistic, but their “My Tourniquet” manages to be a powerful look at someone terrified of the great beyond after suicide.

  7. Nirvana – Drain You – An early demo of a song I’m not familiar with, so very little introspection to come from this one. What’s wrong with this playlist tonight? I think it must’ve burned through all the introspection between 11:30 and 12:00.

  8. Dayna Manning – Miracle – Don’t know where this song came from, but it has the same kind of late-90s-post-rock-folk sensibilities that might remind you of Jewel. And it’s also mostly uninspiring. Okay, it’s official, any attempts at letting my playlist guide me into introspection are now officially over and dead.

  9. Natalie Imbruglia – Wishing You Were Here – To completely avoid any attempt at introspection, I’ll simply say that my introduction to Natalie Imbruglia came courtesy of PCXL magazine (kind of a cross between PC Gamer and Maxim magazines) and their inclination to show pictures of scantily-clad pop-culture personalities. Like Ms. Imbruglia. I miss you, PCXL. Rest easy.

  10. Mike Oldfield – Landfall – From the album “Tres Lunas” which is the album that, indirectly, broke my brand new DVD player. Which is a memory that makes me cry. Stupid JVC tech support.

And so there we go. A Friday Random 10, on Friday, though much less introspection than was originally intended. I was up for it. This night had the feeling of the kind of night when my random playlist just hit every song perfectly, matching mood word for word. But that feeling, it would seem, was wrong. Maybe it was just gas.

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