Saturday, December 03, 2005

Holy crap, it's on time!

Okay, it’s past midnight, but just barely. And it’s not really tomorrow until I sleep anyway, so technically, this is still Friday, if you ask me, so nyah nyah, here’s the Friday Random 10. On Friday. For a bloody change.

  1. Carly Simon – You’re So Vain – This is my mad haxx0rzing song, because it’s number 1337 on my playlist. Which is how you spell “leet” or “elite” if you’re a mad haxx0rz with no basic English or grammar skills. Which, when you think of how cool most of those mad haxx0rz think they are, seems kind of strangely, wonderfully appropriate.

  2. Erasure – In the Hall of the Mountain King – For reasons I would be hard pressed to explain today, I was fairly into the electronic music of Erasure and Depeche Mode in the very early 90s. Tunes by either band still bring a smile of nostalgia to me, though this electronic take on classical piece is not exactly Erasure’s best moment, in my opinion. Speaking of Erasure, I always kind of got the sense that the leader singer danced very much like he had a fish in his trousers. Odd, to say the least.

  3. Moby – The Great Escape – I really like Moby in theory. When I hear his stuff – like now – I tend to think, “Hey, nifty, that’s really unique and creative and kind of pretty.” And yet I never go out of my way to listen to it. Ever. It’s like he manages to be really, really good, without actually being appealing. Which is probably a pretty good trick.

  4. Tori Amos – Bells for Her – Interesting piano sound in this song (assuming it is a piano – it sounds like one, but incredibly muted). From her second album, off which I absolutely adore the song “Yes, Anastasia,” which I now kind of wish had come up on the Random 10 instead of this one. Stupid random songs…

  5. Antonin Dvorak – Serenad i E-dur för stråkar (första satsen) – From my respectable collection of “In Classical Mood” albums. I’m actually a big fan of classical music, even if I don’t really know much about it. Like this song, for instance. Don’t know where it’s from, or why it’s significant. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever given it much of a listen before. It’s from the “Morning Mists” mood, and yeah, okay, I guess it sounds kind of…misty. I guess.

  6. The Orb – Any Colour You Like – Woohoo, a whacked out dance remix of Dark Side of the Moon. Strangely effective, even while be unappealing.

  7. Eurythmics – Would I Lie To You? – A song I’ve never really heard before, of a greatest hits album I probably downloaded for just a few songs. Oh well, it’s just hard drive space, right?

  8. Dire Straits – Romeo and Juliet (Live) – This one is funny, actually, because the song came up in conversation the other day when I was talking about wanting to use a musical take on Romeo and Juliet in the play I’m directing very shortly (Welcome to the Monkey House, if you’re interested – auditions are on Dec. 12 and 14 at the Studio Theatre in Glendale school, but I digress…). In actual fact I was referring to a Tchaikovsky piece.

  9. Sarah McLachlan – Vox – Ah, it’s moments like this that make the Random 10 so much fun. Stumbling upon a song that you absolutely adore, that you probably wouldn’t have manually loaded up any time in the foreseeable future.

  10. They Might Be Giants – Number Three – I love this song. “There’s only two songs in me, and I just wrote the third, don’t where I got the inspiration, or how I wrote the words…” Actually, I think I just love TMBG in general.

  11. John Travolta / Samuel L. Jackson – Personality Goes a Long Way – A conversation from the film Pulp Fiction, part of the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack. I used to think it was a great movie, but I’m beginning to think, in my age and wisdom, and Mr. Tarantino may be just a little overrated as a filmmaker.

Let me just say it again – Random 10, ON FREAKING TIME. Oh yeah!

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