Monday, December 12, 2005

I thought we were done with this crap being late

So, okay, yeah, it’s late again. The funny thing is that I was up late enough on Thursday night that I *almost* decided to do it right then, just after midnight. Guess I should have. I mean, I can’t actually think of any reason that the “Random 10” absolutely must be done on Friday, except that it’s the day that has been chosen for this particular meme (which, by the way, is a word I hate – if I ever use it here again, you have permission to leave a really nasty comment).

  1. Oingo Boingo – Can’t See (Useless) – I haven’t had much Boingo material pop-up in during the Random 10 so far, and I got tired of waiting for fate to take care of the problem. A nice little song from what would prove to be the band’s last studio album.

  2. Lita Ford – Close My Eyes Forever – I think I downloaded this off Usenet one day, when I was overwhelmed by a very bizarre sense of 80s power ballad nostalgia. Not a feeling that hits me very often. Though, thankfully, not as bad as 90s power ballads…

  3. Nine Inch Nails – Reptile – Though it’s from the brilliant “The Downward Spiral” this song has never really done a whole lot for me. It works just fine within the context of the album, as a whole, but to listen to it on its own is just…meh.

  4. Amanda Marshall – Trust Me (This is Love) – Can’t say I have the foggiest idea where this track came from, though from the looks of my playlist, I apparently have the whole album.

  5. Pink Floyd – Mother – This particular version is from “The Wall (Under Construction)” which is actually the very early, still in development, demo version of The Wall. It’s a weird thing to listen to just recreationally, but if you’re a fan of the band, or a fan of the album, it’s interesting to hear it in this state.

  6. Roxette – Anyone – Hm, I don’t listen to their stuff much, but I guess I should admit that Roxette is a bit of a 90s-music guilty pleasure for me. Except for their phase as creator of mandatory radio-play ballads for bad romantic comedies (a title the stole, I believe, from Bryan Adams).

  7. The Statler Brothers – Pictures – I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but the Statlers were actually one of the first bands I ever heard, off a four-record set my dad. I listened to their stuff for years as a kid, and then tracked down every single song I could remember a few years ago when I was struck by a powerful nostalgia for it. And unlike many things experienced as an adult, I still love this stuff as much as ever did as a kid. Interestingly, a lot of their songs (this one included) seem to involve lists, a trait common to another band I would fall in love with years later – Pink Floyd.

  8. Linkin Park – High Voltage – Note to self, you *really* must clean out your MP3 folder someday soon.

  9. Sarah McLachlan – Black & White – Is it just me, or do most of Sarah’s songs – barring a few exceptions – sound eerily the same. Not necessarily in a bad way, I guess, because they sound good. But just…you know, similar.

  10. Pink Floyd – Stay – Third mention of the Floyd in one Random 10. Is that a record? Likely. I must confess that I’m not quite as familiar with this one as some of their others, as it’s from an album I’ve not spent much time listening too. But even unfamiliar Floyd is still Floyd.

  11. Enigma – Responsorium I – Perhaps not as fond of them (him?) as I once was, I still must confess that most of the work Enigma has done has been mildly interesting at being a little bit off from the norm, yet appealing enough to not alienate its audience.

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