Monday, October 31, 2005

This crap is late again?

Only two days late this time. Maybe I can get back to doing this on Fridays again for a change sometime in the next few weeks. Or maybe I won’t.

I guess I could just pretend that I had written this on Friday, but had neglected to post it until just now. But that would be dishonest. And if there’s one thing that I strive to do at this blog, it’s be honest. Or at least give the impression of being honest. By saying that I try to be honest.

On with the crap.

  1. Tori Amos – Snow Cherries From France – I don’t know why this song has suddenly grown on me so much in the last few weeks, but it has. The lyrics just kind of drift lazily through my ears without leaving much of an impression, but it’s just got such a lovely melody that I don’t much care.

  2. Benjamin Britten / Peter Grimes – Four Sea Interludes, Dawn – One of the problems with downloading albums-full of random classical music (I’ve got about a dozen different “Classical Moods” albums) is that for every gem that you fall instantly in love with, you get another ten pieces that you never listen to and occasionally wonder why you bother keeping.

  3. Kim Mitchell – America – Ah, late-80s–early-90s Canadian rock. Ish. I actually don’t mind Kim Mitchell in a nostalgic, “Hey, I can kind of remember liking that song once upon a time.” And I don’t think listening to it is quite as embarrassing as tuning in some Def Leppard or Bon Jovi, but maybe that’s just me…

  4. Depeche Mode – Barrel of a Gun (Underworld Hard Mix) – Great song. Annoying remix.

  5. Pink Floyd – One of These Days (Live) – Not sure when this live performance is from, exactly, but it’s a decent recording if it’s an ROIO…

  6. Radiohead – Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong – Worth having in your playlist for the song title alone.

  7. The Offspring – Why Don’t You Get A Job – “My friend’s got a girlfriend, and he hates that bitch, he tells me everyday…” You gotta love modern love songs. In all seriousness though, The Offspring really appeals to me on my cranky, seething, grinding-my-teeth-til-they-bleed kind of days.

  8. Joe Satriani – Midnight – It was a certain scrawny friend of mine who introduced me to Joe Satriani. I’m not a rabid fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve downloaded a few albums because it’s nice when his stuff pops up on random playlists like this one.

  9. Pink Floyd – Julia Dream – I feel like a failure of a PF fan because I suddenly can’t remember what album this is from. Nonetheless, a nice song from the early, pre-DSOTM Floyd.

  10. REM – Belong – From the album “Out of Time” which, I think, was one of the first 10 CDs that I bought not long after my parents first got a CD player. My enjoyment of REM tends to drift on and off, but stays on most of the time, for most of their stuff.

  11. REM – Make It All OK – 9165 songs to choose from, and my random playlist takes two songs in a row from the same band? Ouch.

G’night folks! Tip your waitress!


Sheryl-lynn Lewis said...

9165 songs to choose from? Man, that's a lot of time spent online downloading songs from the atmosphere.

Say, is i-Tunes available for purchasing from yet in Canada?

Sheryl-Lynn said...

Just for fun, randomly chosen from my playlist of only 247 songs:

1. I Need a Man - Eurythmics ( I was a model in a fashion show during university with this song)
2. Too Late for Goodbyes -Julian Lennon. I heard he was good...
3. I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love with You - Tom Waits. One of the most requested love songs that isn't about falling in love. He's desperately wanting not to, and gettting drunker while doing it.
4. Desert Rose - Sting and Cheb Mami. Probably one of the songs that's been on my computer the longest. I like the Arabic overtones.
5. I'm on Fire - Tori Amos. What more needs to be said?
6.When Doves Cry - Prince. Umm... it was a better movie the first time around. Back when I was a teenager.
7.Till We Meet Again - Mills Brothers. A barbershop Quartette. I was searching around for music from WW 1 for Mary's Wedding. This one stuck around.
8. I Loved You, So What - Ani De Franco. A live bootleg? version. Not as good as untouchable you.
9.Tears Won't Fall Forever - Jane Siberry. From "The Crow" soundtrack. Haunting.
10. Calling All Angels - Train. While looking for Siberry's version, I found this one. It stuck.

Todd said...

Thanks for playing along at home! Remember, it's fun to embarass yourself with a random playlist! Hooray!

For the record, not all 9,000 songs were downloaded. Close to half (well, maybe less than half now...) were ripped from my own CD collection.

And yes, I believe iTunes is now available in Canada. As is, I think, Napster, in case you wanted to go the non-Apple route.