Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The first of many...

So, I'm officially signed up for NaNoWriMo 2005 -- I got an email tonight announcing the reactivation of the site, and immediately logged in to reactivate my account.

Something tells me that this will be the first of *many* NaNo related blog posts to come over the course of October, through November, and likely into December.

The toughest thing, right now, is now starting the novel. Ideas are pinging and ponging through my head like crazy, and while I don't want to squash them, I also don't want to burn out my excitement for this book before I even start it.

Having said that, I offer a small teaser. As much as I'm not really supposed to start my NaNo novel until November first, I've spent so much time writing and rewriting the first chapter in my head, that, at this point, the first line of the novel is pretty much burned into my brain.

Here is is, folks.

"You didn't have to be an expert to know, immediately, that she had never had a cock in her mouth before."

Filthy? Sure. But c'mon, it's called "The Small Town Pornographer's Blues" for Christ's sake. And don't tell me that first line doesn't leave you wanting more. Because I know it does...

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