Wednesday, October 05, 2005

More pornographers

A friend told me last night that I should ignore the National Novel Writing Month November 1st start date, and get started on The Small Town Pornographer's Blues novel straight away. His argument was that, because I was incredibly enthused about the novel now, and because I am rarely ever enthused about anything, I should strike while the iron is hot, as they say, instead of waiting until November 1, by which time my excitement may have worn off.

Which is kind of a good point. But I don't really have time for it right now. And if I got started on it now, I'd have to A) come up with another idea for NaNo, and B) put Pornographer's Blues on hold at the end of October, at least until December. Neither of those things I want to do, so it looks like I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope that I can remain excited and enthusiastic about the book right up until November.

I keep writing bits of it my head, though...the first few pages of the first chapter are going to be so polished by the time I actually sit down to write them...

Oh, one other tidbit about the novel -- I'm considering opening each chapter with a quote of some kind from a song. I've compiled a few, though I'm going to need a whole lot more to make it through the book (though, interesting enough, the idea has already started working inversely where, instead of stumbling upon a quote that's perfect for a planned chapter, a quote actually inspires a never before considered idea for a chapter). The actual chapter titles would then, also, be named from something pulled from the quote.

As an example, Chapter One is, at least for the moment, titled "Little Girls" and will be accompanied by this fine quote from the Oingo Boingo song of the same name:

I love little girls, they make me feel so good
I love little girls, they make me feel so bad
When they're around they make me feel like I'm the only guy in town
I love little girls, they make me feel so good.
— Oingo Boingo
Little Girls

Guesses on exactly what is going to transpire in Chapter One are welcome in the comments...


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Sheryl-Lynn said...

The main character is going to go back to his grade two year and the time the cute little red head kicked him in the crotch while she was wearing cowboy boots. And how he now understands "unrequited love"?

Todd said...

Er, no. But that's not a bad idea for a later chapter...