Sunday, November 06, 2005

More late crap

I’d like to think that once the run of “Arsenic” is over, I might actually get around to doing the Friday “Random 10” on Friday instead of, say, Sunday. I’d also like to think that one day I’ll quite smoking, have eleventy-billion dollars, and rule the world with a  kind but firm hand.

  1. Nine Inch Nails – The Persistence of Loss – From the “Still” limited edition bonus album. The tragedy is that this fantastic song never ended up on a more readily available album. A lament on a love that’s doomed from the get-go. Sad, but oh so…oh, what’s the word…poignant.

  2. Collective Soul – Burning Bridges – I picked up a Collective Soul album some years ago, and thought it was perfectly fine. Thus I’ve taken to downloading their albums when they pop up on Usenet, and promptly never listening to any of them. I assume this is from one of those albums, as I’ve never heard it before.

  3. Dire Straits – Lady Writer – Again, the bane of downloading greatest hits albums from bands you’re not religiously fond of that you never get around to listening to. Never heard this one before either, that I can recall.

  4. Radiohead – I Might Be Wrong – I found Radiohead after finally getting tired of reading the rave reviews for “OK Computer” and just bought the album. I’ve continued to enjoy and respect them since, for their continued attempts to experiment musically. There’s nothing worse than listening to a band do the same exact thing, over and over again, for their entire career. Which, sadly, describes most modern music.

  5. Elton John – Benny and the Jets – Sounds like it’s from some live album or other.

  6. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Depending on You – I always thought Tom Petty had kind of annoyingly whiney voice, but a former coworkers used to play his stuff at the office now and then and it kind of grew on me. A little.

  7. Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue – Where did this come from? I must have an 80s collection or two somewhere on my hard drive, I guess…

  8. Roxette – Better Off on her Own – Whee—more fun early-90s cheese. Which is not to say that they didn’t have one or two good songs. Which is also not to say that I don’t enjoy cheese. Mmm, cheese.

  9. They Might Be Giants – Women and Men – You know, one of these Fridays, I’m going to have to do a straight TMBG “Random 10” for no reason beyond the fact that they have so damn much good material. The last time I turned their stuff on at work, I heard a, “Good Lord, what is?” from someone, which is further evidence that TMBG is clearly an acquired taste. And generally acquired by the odd and the twisted. And ridiculous.

  10. Mike Oldfield – Thou Art in Heaven – One of the biggest problems with a random playlist is hearing songs out of the context of their album. Certain songs, while good as stand alone songs, simply belong as part of a larger whole—much of Oldfield’s stuff is like that. From the Tr3s Lunas album, for anyone interested

  11. Kim Mitchell – America – Didn’t this come up last week too? Is my playlist telling me something? Does it have something to do with Canadian semi-rock? With U.S. foreign policy? Is Kim Mitchell really terrorist? Should I stop rambling now before this gets completely out of control?

At least this stupid Random 10 – whether it occurs on Friday or Sunday – is sort of a guarantee that I’ll post something here at least once a week, even when I’m ridiculously busy. Like I’ve been this last few weeks.

On that note, see you next week, at the latest.


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