Saturday, June 19, 2004

Still no Barbies

Too tired and mildly hungover to be any more than mildly coherent, so the Barbie post (which does require a certain degree of coherence, I think, as it's going to rub at least one person the wrong way -- not that I'm concerned, as I don't expect that wrongly-rubbed person to be reading this) is going to have wait for another day.

Instead...I'll write, pretty much, for the sake of writing.

I opened up and used this goofy McDonald's straw that I had kept in its shrink-wrapped packaging since I got it a couple of years ago. I bought in Quesnel on one of our first trips up there to get the new paper up and running just to be a silly twit, and then I've kept it hermetically sealed for, like, almost two years.

It's cool. It's red, and kind of shaped like the McDonald's "M" so that when you drink through it, you can see you beverage kind of fly around in loop-de-loops before it gets to your mouth.

Anyway, for some reason tonight I decided that Coke tastes better when drank through a straw, so I had to tear the package open take my pristine, untouched, mint-condition McDonald's straw out for a spin.

Probably would have been worth $20.00 on ebay in another 25 years, but fuck that. Things are meant to be used, not stored hermetically. Comic books should be read, actions figures should be played with, and straws should be sucked on.

Tried to watch some quality old television on my computer tonight, but it was too goddamned hot in my office (which is conveniently located in the top floor of the house). I gave up after half the show and went down to the mildly cooler main floor to watch Rules of Attraction again, because I was incredibly surprised by how much I liked it the first time I watched it.

The director, Roger Avery, has a web site -- complete with journal / blog -- that he maintains all on his own. Fun stuff.

Now I'm blogging because I feel like I should, even though I'm not going to talk about Barbie, and don't actually have anything of substance to say. I'm watching Coke drip out of the end of my swirly McDonald's straw and drip onto a napkin I've placed beneath the leak. Did I get a defective straw, or are they all like this?

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