Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The Change

Tomorrow, I'm getting a new desk. I'm swapping the desk in my home office for a co-worker's desk.

She wants drawers, but doesn't have any. Her desk has quite a bit more surface space than mine, and that's what I need more than anything else.

So a swap seems like a perfectly good idea to me.

She hasn't actually seen my desk, so I'm a little wary about doing the trade site-unseen, but all she says is, "If it's got drawers, I'll like it," so I guess, even if that turns out to be a false statement, it'd be her problem and not mine.

The new desk will also force me to do a little tidying in my office, which has been desperate need of it for probably close to six months.

It will also, hopefully, encourage me to continue my current slow-but-steady writing pace. It might suddenly be fun to sit at my desk again, now that it's not going to be the same bloody desk I've been sitting at for ten years.

It's surprising what a fresh environment can do for you.

I'm lusting for this desk. Sad and sick, but true.

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