Thursday, June 10, 2004

Stick figures rock

I am now officially a cartoonist. I won't bore with the details as to why, I only say this: I'm probably about as unqualified a cartoonist as you could possibly find. Which suits me just fine. I love being unqualified.

Keep in mind -- these were actually printed. In actual newspapers.

Keri -- you're now my favourite editor in the whole, wide world.

Stick Figure Drama #1

Stick Figure Drama #2


Sheryl-Lynn said...

You know, I like the snazzier set up of the one with you as Freud. The grey title window, the fonted words, etc. Cleaned up like that, it does look like legitimat cartooning. Which it was already, I s'pose, given that they'd been printed and everything. I just think you may have a better chance at fooling the rest of the world with the jazzier version!

Todd said...

The jazzier version is a go -- the official look of Stick Figure Drama, if you will. The first one was a thing I did last year sometime, and I was expecting it to be a one time thing (if it made it even that far) so I wasn't too concerned about how it looked. Once I knew I was going to be doing more, I wanted to have a kind of "template" to use for them. Which premiered in Stick Figure Drama #2