Sunday, November 19, 2006

Holy crap, I've been Dugg. Dugged. Digged? I dunno, something like that

I was digging through my site stats tonight, just because it's occasionally fun to see how people have got to my quiet little corner of the Internet, and discovered a few interesting things.

First, the number of people getting to my site while searching for "skanky sluts" appears to be at an all-time low. Which is sort of sad. We are, perhaps, witnessing the passing of era.

Second, someone actually put one of my blog entries up at Which is totally bizarre and amazing, because it was just a weird, random story. And also because I think digg is just about one of the coolest sites around right now. The story only got 4 diggs, which means, I think, that it storta sucked, but whatever. Check out the digg-page for my rant about the loss of McDonald's Hot Mustard here. Which, yes, is a link to a page about me. And yes, that's sorta self-indulgent. Deal with it.

I also discovered that my brief post about LibraryThing ended up quoted and used at LibrarThing's "buzz page". Which, okay, I know they're probably trolling the net and quoting any nice thing people say about them, but it still made me feel almost legitimate. Which is a nice feeling.

The vast majority of visitors, though (the ones that don't come directly to the site by just typing the address in) come from Google searches for "caughtinthe blogspot". Which means, at least most of the time, people are actively seeking the blog out. Well, at least one or two are. Which is more than none.

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