Thursday, May 11, 2006

This is an update

It's 10:45 pm and I just finished splashing fake blood on a white lab coat in preparation for tomorrow night's relay for life.

I was surprised by the blood's consistency -- thicker than I was expecting. So I had these thick, slug-like gobs of blood on the lab coat, which just looked kind of dumb. Then I realized that it dribbles kind of well, so I've tried to prop the coat up kind of vertically, so it can dribble down the front of the coat. Which is actually working kind of well, except for the stuff near the bottom, because I can't get it quite vertical enough.

And, watching it dribble makes me think I maybe used too much. Which is too bad, because I've got nothing left for my goggles.

I'm trying to get all my last minute preparations done. I'm charging batteries for my crap-ass digital camera right now. As soon as they're charged, I've gotta charge the batteries for my MP3 player. After, after that I'm not sure what I have to do. Does this mean I'm almost done?

I've got to go and buy glow-sticks and some kind of food tomorrow. I have no idea what to buy. Something non-perishable, or something. Cans of beans? Spam? Wait, no, I think Spam causes cancer, so that's probably a no-no.


Those little mini corn on the cob things?

Where do those come from?

What am I talking about?

Why is there no happy medium in my life? Why does it seem that I'm either too busy to even breathe properly, or sitting around for days on end with nothing to do? Is this just a problem with scheduling? Or is life really that big a roller-coaster ride?

Did you know that you should really wash the oil off of an olive before putting it in a martini? I didn't know that. If you don't, you get a greasy martini. Nobody likes that.

Okay, bye.

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