Friday, May 05, 2006

Random 10

Okay, so it’s been a couple of weeks since I did this. Doesn’t mean I’ll never do it again. As should be apparent by this very post right here.

  1. Kidney Thieves – Crazy – I’ve been listening to a lot of “stripper music” lately (look for a future update to explain this) and have been endlessly surprised by what I’ve stumbled upon that fits the description of “stripper music.” I’ve had kind of a thing for the Kidney Thieves for a few years, but this particular track hadn’t entered my collection until it came up as a stripper song recommendation. And I’m incredibly glad that it did, because it’s an amazing and entirely unexpected cover of the Patsy Cline song.

  2. Jewel – Winter Wonderland – I have a vague memory of downloading random Christmas albums last year, in some sort of twisted (likely drunken) burst of seasonal inspiration. I’m inclined to think that this song exists on my hard drive for that reason.

  3. Roxette – Listen to You Heart – I can’t remember now if this was a “Movie Ballad” Roxette song or just a “Ballad Ballad” Roxette song. I’m inclined to think just “Ballad Ballad” even though it could have so easily been a “Movie Ballad.”

  4. Various Artists – Gorilla – I love having rips of sound effects CDs on my hard drive. The weirdest stuff comes up during random playlists.

  5. Madonna – Like A Prayer – Wasn’t this song used to shill Pepsi at one point?

  6. Artur Sullivan – HMS Pinafore, Oveture – Much like having rand sound effects crop up, I’m just as likely to have random classical songs that I’ve never heard before pop up. I love my MP3 collection.

  7. Collective Soul – No More, No Less – I’m very quickly reaching a point where I’ll be inclined to say that this is the most retarded Random 10 I’ve ever done. Nothing against Collective Soul, I’ve just never heard this song before. Big surprise.

  8. Evanescence – Imaginary – Okay, this one I’ve actually heard, this one I actually know. But I haven’t got much to say except that, while this isn’t among them, some of Evanescence’s stuff makes for damn fine stripper music. Apparently. This is what I hear, at any rate.

  9. Elton John & Billy Joel – I’m not sure entirely why this happens, but it seems that, in spite of having a fair amount of Elton John on my hard drive, the only stuff that ever comes up is from my one album of him dueting with Billy Joel. Is that weird, or what?

  10. Nine Inch Nails – Sin (Short) – A remix from the “Pretty Hate Machine” album. And another artist that fits into the “stripper music” category. Can you tell I’ve been thinking an awful lot about stripper music lately?

  11. Howard Jones – Equality – I was quite fond of Howard Jones – and the political commentary he attempted to make in some of his early music – when I was young. I have to admit, though, that years later, some of this stuff just seems kind of heavy-handed and amateurish. Like that Academy Award winning film “Crash.”

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