Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blog post #464

Yesterdays Moblog posts provide compelling reasons for why I should never be allowed to attend Karaoke-based events. They just make me sad. And they make me hate the human race.

Yesterdays Moblog posts also provide compelling reasons for why I probably shouldn't moblog if I've been drinking.

On the bright side, those two posts helped the blog get two posts closer to the magic 500 blog post number, which I've been thinking about for awhile now (at least as far back as last year).

With approximately 36 posts to go before I reach the 500th meaningless ramble in this space, I've been wondering if I'll make it across that line before the end of the year. It's certainly conceivable -- one a week would almost be enough to do it -- but I have to concede that this space has been a little dusty lately.

My attention has been diverted. Too many other projects. Writing my ass off for the ArtScene, being in a play, prepping to direct a play, and yes, on occasion playing video games when I should probably be doing some actual work, has sort of gotten the better of my free time lately.

Not that this is an apology for that. Sometimes life happens, and some things take a back seat to old things. Like this blog. C'est la vie.

Nor is this a promise to blog more. It's a promise I'd like to make, but I'm also pretty sure that the odds of my actually following through or on the slim side, so why bother with a promise I'm not likely to keep.

Instead this is...I'm not sure what this is, really. An acknowledgement, that I realize that there hasn't been much to read here lately, and that it might go on that way -- except, of course, for the 36 more posts I hope to do before year's end, so I can celebrate the 500th post.

Which makes me wonder...what should I do in celebration of the 500th post?

No need to stress right now. It's not like it's right around the corner or anything.


Christy said...

You should throw a party in honour of your 500th post. I'm sure I know somebody who might be gung-ho about planning it.

Why haven't you posted for almost two weeks? I could say "Tsk, tsk." But I won't.

Todd said...

You could say, "Tsk, tsk," couldn't you? You'd be certainly well within your right to say that. I appreciate your keeping the Tsking to yourself (because even unsaid, I'm fairly certain you're thinking it).

A party, of course, seems like a fine idea, though it also seems a little...overboard, just for a 500th post. Is a 500th post really so significant that its deserving of a party? Or is this just some excuse to have a party thrown? I'm thinking it may be the latter. Which I'm okay with, certainly. Parties rule.

Christy said...

Oh, I would definitely say that 500 is an impressive achievement. My blog contains merely 24 posts at this moment, and knowing how much work i put into those 24 posts (on and off), I can't even begin to appreciate how much work you must have put into 500 posts. And so I have this to say to you, "Be proud of your 500 posts. Be proud and throw a party."

Todd said...

Well, that's very kind of you, but I'm not sure all 500 posts (or, at this point, 465) are all of an equivalent achievement. Take post #463 as an example. Perhaps not my finest work. Some goes, in fact, for post #462. So there's ups and downs. Some are certainly worth celebrating and partying over, but definitely not all 500. Nonetheless, not point in *not* partying over 500 arguably decent posts. Sounds like a plan to me.