Monday, February 12, 2007


Wilhelm, Take One.

Wilhelm, Take Three.

Wilhelm, Take Four.

Movie buffs among you might be familiar with the Wilhelm scream. If you're not, then a lengthy history (which actually filled in a lot of gaps in my own knowledge of the scream) can be found here.

Of course the history is only a tiny, tiny part of the victory I had today, in actually finding three copies of the infamous Wilhelm scream. I've wanted a copy of the audio file for awhile, and now I can't wait to find a play to sneak this thing into.

EDIT: An oversight on my part while posting this little blurb kept me from linking to the source of the three sound files linked at the top of the page, Hollywood Lost and Found, as well as their own page on the Wilhelm Scream, located here.

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Sheryl-Lynn said...

A wilhelm scream? What's that? Where from" Why three different ones? I'm so confused...