Saturday, February 17, 2007

The wait is over. Sort of.

Last night's technical difficulties have now been dealt with, and the newly face-lifted web gallery for Stick Figure Drama Season Three can be officially unveiled. It is linked in the side bar, under Stickage Season Three, but the sake of convenience, I'll also link it in this post. Right here, in fact.

Season Two will be the next to receive the face-lift treatment, followed by Season One. As the web gallery format allows me to publish commentaries along with each strip, I am currently undecided whether I will simply copy and paste the original Season One commentary as it appeared in the printed collection, or rewrite the commentary froms cratch. That's why it'll be done last.

I *may* do a up-to-now Season Four gallery before either completing the Season Two or Season One galleries, but at the moment I'm a little wary of it, as once I start the Season Four gallery, I should probably make the extra effort to make sure that it remains up to date on a weekly basis. And we all know how I am about that sort of thing, don't we?


Anonymous said...

oh come on. you have to do an up to date run of season four, how else am I going to see any Safehouse characters online?

Todd said...

Okay, okay, okay, I'll bring Season Four up to date *first*. Happy?

Anonymous said...

yes ^_^