Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Slippery slope

I didn't write as much as I intended too last night. The Wild Turkey vanished quickly and I had to leave the house in search of alternative liquor, which brought me to my former in-laws' house, where drinks were consumed until 4:00 a.m. at which point I staggered home, letting the dog lead me in the correct direction.

Smoked my guts out last night too, which is unfortunate as I'd gone 10 days without one. Back on the wagon today though, and left my remaining cigarettes at my in-laws' just so that temptation wouldn't be too nearby.

As for the eulogizing of Hunter S., in retrospect it seems to me that the best way to honour his memory is to do the sorts of things that he would do, and I don't mean drink and eat mescaline and make a mess of your body. I mean kick at the system, scream at the powers-that-be, and just generally be a nuisance to those in places of power, demanding accountability from them, and demanding better from the world we live in.

Hunter was a brutally vicious watchdog, and while we might not all have the opportunity to scream and shout as loudly as he did, we all do still have a voice of some kind with which we can make noise. And make noise we must, and for always, because complacenty and indifference is the road to ruin and damnation.

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