Monday, October 11, 2004


I have a review to write of the Harry Manx show for the paper, which I really need to get started on. Not into right now. Was a good show, without a doubt, I just find it difficult to describe a show like that.

Reviewing a play or a movie is much, much easier, as you can focus in on things like plot development and characterization -- it just seems like there's so much more to write about. When reviewing a concert, what can you say? He came, he played, he rocked. The end.

Blah. Boring review.

So I'm procrastinating. I may be able to procrastinate for another hour, at the most, before I'll have no choice but to either force myself to do it, or simply accept that it's not going to get done, and that's no an option.


off to procrastinate some more, I guess.

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