Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dusty around these parts again

It's always weird coming back to this place after it's been ignored for a lengthy period. Partly because it feels like I need to make excuses about why I wasn't here, and the fact is, I've got nothing to offer, except, "Sorry, wasn't into it."

It also generally leaves me feeling like I've got to come back with some sort of big, splashy, exciting post, to make up for the last 30 or 40 days that I've left this place to stagnate. But again, I've got nothing big or splashy to offer here just a, "Hey, here I am again, apparently I'm not dead."

So, yeah, that's about it.

The novel still isn't finished, though it has been half-heartedly picked at a couple of times. A new idea for a play (an idea that, even by my own standards, is pretty fucked up) is rattling in the back of my head, with a few pages dropped down the other day. The commentary-track marathon has been a bit of a slack-off lately as well, though the dangerous-and-disturbing film fest is still going strong and on it's fifth week (though I did skip the last event, as it came in the midst of a nasty sickness). And perhaps the dangerous and disturbing films are better blog-fodder anyway.

I'm hopefully buying some bowls after work today. Large bowls. Standard cereal bowls are simply not always big enough, and yet that's pretty much all I have in the cupboard.

Yeah, it's exciting, I know.

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