Monday, January 01, 2007

Good heavens, now I've been Farked.

Who'd have thought that one silly little post about the absence of Hot Mustard sauce from McDonald's would have resulted in so much, well, five-minutes-of-fameage...

After finding my silly little post at Digg about a month ago, I checked my Gmail account this evening to discover that there were almost a dozen comments on my Hot Mustard article. Figuring I'd picked up a bit more traffic from the month-old Digg posting, I popped by this site to see what sort of traffic had been going on in the last few days.

Well, it was more than a few more hits.

It was more like 2,500.

2,500 freaking pageviews. Today.

At this goofy little blog, where I write my goofy little ramblings, and occasionally post not-so-goofy little chunks of bits of writing I'm working on. 2,500 page views in one day.

Digging in my referral log, I see that they've all come from the wonder that is, after -- I assume -- someone posted a link on their main page to the afforementioned ramble about McDonald's Hot Mustard.

This is just too weird for words.

Hot-freaking-mustard = 2500 pageviews.

So, um, hi to all you Farksters! Sorry the updates have been sparse lately. Blogging a bit more is on my short list of new years resolutions to take under consideration, but never publicly admit to, because once you publicly admit to a resolution, you look like a wanker when you don't actually keep it. Which, heaven knows, is the case with most of us.

Anyway, I digress.

Thanks for the 2500 page loads. Who knows, with the power of Fark, I could break 10K by the end of the week. Huzzah.

Now it's time to start planning an expose on the Bull's Eye Barbecue Sauce conspiracy. Clearly the path to internet fame is paved in condiments.

Anyone wanting to check out the lengthy discussion of the loss of Hot Mustard over at Fark can find it here.

EDIT: It seems that my counter jumped by approximately 100, just in the time that I was writing this post. I don't think I've ever gotten 100 pageviews in a single day, let alone in the handful of minutes between starting a post and ending it. I'm feeling dizzy.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the increased traffic- you've got an interesting site. Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Sadly I am a BBQ sauce fan so I never knew the apparently beloved Hot Mustard...oh well! now that you are getting so many hits it might be a good idea to put up some more SFD's eh? *nudge*

Todd said...


I must confess, I'm not sure if I'm just in the dark, or simply brain farting on what that should stand for. I tried to google it, but got a variety of responses, none of which I think were your intent (software freedom day, santa fe distributing, social fund for development, school for deacons, etc.)

Anonymous said...

ummm...did I miss a bad joke or doesn't SFD still stand for Stick Figure Drama....seeing as how the right side of your blog has SFD 1 thru 100 and some...

Todd said...

Ah ha ha ha ha, oh ho ho ho ho.

Ah, ehm, um. Damn.

Yeah. Okay. Get it now. SFD. Stick Figure Drama.

Yeah. Obvious.

Uh, hey, look! A dinosaur!

Anonymous said...

Is it a t-rex?? Ninja Kick it in the head!

diversion worked well.

Todd said...

It's a tyrani...loci...raptor...monkey.


Very rare. Endangered. In fact, it may even be extinct, so yeah, seeing one is pretty, you know, uncommon.