Sunday, December 17, 2006

You may or may not be person of the year

Okay, so, Time Magazine decided to name "YOU" the person of the year. Yeah, you. And you too. Also, you. And you over there. Yeah, you, put that drink down and pay attention, I'm talking to you.

Anyway, yeah. You. Person of the year. It has something to do with the whole Web 2.0 thing, and user driven content, and blah blah blah, but really it's just a great big pile horseshit from a magazine that really should have done better. I guess they had a Christmas party to get to, or something, and sometimes when that deadline's looming over you, you just send whatever random, last-minute crap happens to run through your head.

Nice work, Time Magazine.

Expect a full discussion of the horseshittiness of this topic in next week's column (including, of course, absolutely no use of the word horse, shit, horseshit, or horseshittiness -- which probably isn't even a word, now that I think about it). Until then, here's an entertaining little coincidence that could only happen thanks to the lack of communication between editorial and advertising departments.

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