Friday, September 01, 2006

A book update, but not.

So the novel's been suffering.

Well, not suffering so much, as taking a sort of temporary vacation. For the last week.

I can tell myself that it was the best thing, I can tell myself that, as I was about to enter some parts of the story that hadn't quite gotten fleshed out in my head, taking this break from it -- a break that would allow me to better understand where I was going with these parts -- was exactly what the book needed.

I can tell myself all sorts of stuff, but the truth is, the book has been on vacation because of this:

Yes, last Friday I acquired an XBox 360. And it has pretty much devoured every free moment of consciousness I've had since then.

I feel guilty neglecting the book. I sometimes think I can feel the book looking at, glaring at me, silently demanding my attention. And I try to apologize, I try to tell the book that I still love it, but that maybe we were getting to serious too quickly, that maybe we need some space, and that no, this isn't just another way of saying that we should break up, because I really do care about the book, and the want the best for our relationship together. But then the book usually goes on a drinking binge and then I'll find it locked in the bathroom at 3:00 a.m. sobbing so loudly I can't sleep, and by then there's no apology good enough.

The bottom line is this: A brief vacation from the book, even if not taken for the best of reasons, likely came at a good point anyway, if I can get back into it again. The plan was to do 2000 words tonight after work, but unfortunately, it's Friday, and some coerced me into have a few after work drinks, and now any chance of writing before tomorrow is pretty much shot.

Instead...hello multiplayer Uno on the 360.


elise_on_life said...

tsk tsk . . . so pathetic!

Todd said...


I guess the less said about that, the better.