Thursday, May 20, 2004

Okay, now I can relax.

The proposal meeting is done, and now the waiting begins. Everyone needs to have the chance to read the plays that were pitched, and then gather again to discuss their thoughts.

I don't know why I find myself nervous about these things. Thankfully this year, the nervousness only lasted for about the first 20 seconds of my pitch before I realized I was sitting in room full of really great people that I had gotten to know even better this last year, and everything was fine. Maybe next year I'll be able to pitch something without any nervousness at all?

Yeah, that'll be the day.

Okay, so, agreed, this is a post that probably appears better suited to the new WL Studio Theatre Blog that we're currently testing out. But it also seemed *wrong* somehow to put these kinds of entries there, at least for the moment. Right now, I'm just some guy, proposing a play -- my proposal really has nothing to do with the theatre until I get the thumbs up from them.

Should that thumbs up come, I'll be sure to make my first play-related post at that forum.

Until then...this will be the forum for all my concerns and insecurities. As of which, I'm sure, there'll be few. After all, the pitch is done, and it's all just waiting now.

And, in fact, it's time now to refocus on the last play, that we're taking to Quesnel on the 28th for the Central Interior Zone drama festival. Posts from Quesnel will *not* appear here -- that's a Studio Theatre production, and will, as such, appear on the Studio Theatre blog (yeah, I know I linked it again -- it's a new venture, and I'd like to get as many readers over there as possible).

So feel free to drop by the theatre blog (ack! another link!) on the 28th and the 29th, and drop in a comment or two to the posts we'll be making from Quesnel. It's all part of keeping the community involved in community theatre.

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