Sunday, March 28, 2004

Shut up and listen to me, goddammit.

The thing about blogs, I think -- actually, the thing about any form of self-publishing -- is that you have to have a bit of an egomaniacal streak. You've got to assume that what you have to say is important enough, insightful enough, witty enough for others to take time out of their schedule to come and read whatever it is you've got to say.

It's like the vanity press -- people who pay a printing company to print their own book, either because they haven't bothered trying to get it published in the traditional way, or because the traditional way got them nothing but a kindly worded rejection letter. The problem is that sometimes there are very good reasons for an editor to be there, either saying "Cut this part out," or "Can you make this section longer?" or "This whole thing is a gigantic piece of shit. Please don't waste my time."

If I don't assume people are coming to read this, why on earth would I bother to try to post something at least once a day? On the other hand, why on earth would I be pompous enough to assume that anyone would feel the desire to visit this page once, yet alone on a regular enough basis that I should bother to update every day?

Ah, blogs are stupid.

See ya tomorrow.

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