Tuesday, June 27, 2006

At last, stickage

I've been a little lazy with the stick figure drama updates as of late, likely because for the most part I've shifted from doing them on the weekend, to doing them on Monday. At the end of a Sunday work shift, I'm still energetic enough when I get home to upload the new strip. At the end of a Monday work shift, I just want to lay down and die.

So the last three weeks of stick is now updated under the stickage navigator. That includes this week technically-published-but-you-still-might-not-have-seen-it-yet strip.

[Spoilers follow -- go read the stupid strip first, it'll only take you a second]

Speaking of that strip, here's a bit of trivia: the last two panels were actually drastically rewritten at the last minute, to include an Abba karaoke reference instead of a bizarre and obscure They Might Be Giants musical reference (I planed to refer to Petey as a "Wicked little critter" -- which, actually, I still want to do at some other point in the future).

This rewriting also allowed me to get them into the Dart for next week, instead of having them stand around for yet *another* week before beginning the road trip, which I think is a good thing. I'd like to get them to Lefty before, say, the end of the year.

In rewriting, though, I found that Tracy had pretty much zero to say with the new didalogue, which is pretty much the only reason that she shouts out, "Shotgun!"

Also, the paramedic has a black eye for reasons of continuity. And he doesn't say anything because he's all pissy about it.

ALSO...the more I think about it, the more that filler strip #99.5 is bugging me. I don't think it's terribly clear what is supposed to be going on in the strip (Weird Bob stumbling onto Petey's invisible little corpse), nor am I even entirely sure that I still want that to be what was going on in that panel. Really, when you get right down to it, it could be just bout anything.

I think, long term, one of two things will happen with that strip. I'll either A) try to pretend it never happened, and scrub its existence from my mind; or B) Retcon the bejeezus out of it, and make it mean something entirely different. Dunno what quite yet.

Anyway, enough stick figure creator ramblings. Tune in next week for exciting road-trip humour.


elise_on_life said...

Ohhhhhhh . . . is Tracy her name? As I was reading the strip, it came to my mind that I didn't know her name, other than "Bi-Polar Gemini Girl." I couldn't remember, though, if you had included it in a past strip and I was forgetting, or if she really hadn't been named yet.
Too bad the green doesn't show up in the strip, eh? And that was such a key element in my search for Petey's car too! One thing, though - it's a Dodge Dart Demon - three words. I even like the name of the car for Petey!!

Todd said...

Yes Tracy is her name, and no she has not been named in an official strip. I did name the majority of the characters in the 2006 "Day in the Life" advertisement (which I should maybe post here as an "extra" or "special feature" or something).

Yes, it's quite unfortunate about the green, but if I ever do try to track down toy car versions of the Dart, they'll definitely have to be that same colour.

As for the name of the vehicle, based on my reading of the ebay auction that the photos were borrowed from, the car is a 1974 Dodge Dart that has been modified to look like a 1971 Demon -- the Dart and the Demon being references to two different cars. In the end, it probably would have been easier to just find pcitures of a 71 Demon, but at the same time there's something kid of appealing about over-complicating something as simple as Petey's car.

elise_on_life said...

Ah, ok, I didn't read in-depth enough, I guess. That makes sense. But I still love the name of the car for Petey. It's just beautiful.

Todd said...

I actually think I'm going to ultimately enjoy this plot device -- if any of the characters ever need anything, presto, there it is, with the explanation of, "It was Petey's."

Todd said...
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elise_on_life said...

Hey! Why'd you erase your last comment? You can't do that!

Todd said...

Actually, it was just a double-posted comment -- the first comment entry kind of glitched out on me, and it didn't look like it was showing up, so I went back and posted again, then they both appeared, and I didn't want to look like a dork posting the same thing twice, so I deleted one of them.

elise_on_life said...

Ah, so now you just look like a dork who isn't confident enough to standby what you initially wrote. Good job.

elise_on_life said...


Todd said...

Actually, if not for this discussion, and my admission, there isn't any indicator that the deleted post actually came from me. It could have just as easily been some annoying advertisement or something.


elise_on_life said...


elise_on_life said...

Be that way!